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Eye Candy: Building Blocks

SteppingAway’s Do It Again One thing I love about working with yarn is that you can start with something fairly simple, like a square, and through the use of pattern and color, you can join squares together into something amazing. Today I wanted to feature some projects using blocks that caught my...

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Eye Candy: Warm Weather Tops

juni71’s lovely t e s t k n i t yume I live in a hot place and am always on the lookout for great warm-weather garment patterns and projects. Since it’s heating up in the northern hemisphere, quite...

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Eye Candy: The Beach is Calling

I love the beach! I love the colors of the water and the sunsets, the smell of the salty air and the feel of the sand between my toes. Most of my beach time happens in the summer, so with summer upon...

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Eye Candy: Projects of Many Colors

In our pattern and project searches, you can search by the number of colors used. I love this filter for looking at beautiful monochromatic projects and patterns, and also for extra-colorful lovelies...

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Eye Candy: May the 4th Be With You

It’s May the 4th so it seemed fitting to feature projects inspired by Star Wars today. I could look at these projects all day, they are so much fun! There are a lot of great colorwork projects with this theme, but here are a few I loved. From left to right: squidnunc’s The Dark Side Christmas sto...

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